The 340B Marketplace

The 340B program is an important program that brings critical benefits to patients, covered entities, and pharmacies alike.  However, many pharmacies have limited their participation due to the complexity around dealing with inventory, accounting, reporting, and performance issues that result from 340B contract pharmacy participation.  Because current tools for this much-needed program center largely around the covered entity, pharmacies have been left to struggle without sufficient resources to properly manage their participation.  

With over a decade of experience focusing solely on the pharmacy, ProviderPay 340B delivers a set of services that are pharmacy centric giving pharmacies the much needed tools and analytics to help manage and participate in 340B with confidence.  

ProviderPay 340B Services:

ProviderPay 340B Direct® provides the infrastructure, platform, and expert 340B personnel to help you simplify and manage the complete spectrum of your 340B program and administration. Our solution addresses the complex challenges that 340B creates across all pharmacy functional areas giving the pharmacy visibility and control of their 340B book of business. 340B Direct® enables you to comply with HRSA guidelines and delivers financial results commensurate with the complexities of the effort. More...